13 Best strategy games for iPhone (iOS)

Did you know that strategy games not only sharpen your cognitive abilities but also are one of the most downloaded game genres on the iPhone?

Yep, that’s right! These games have seen a massive surge in popularity, especially among iPhone users.

So, why this sudden love for strategy games?

  • Challenge: They push you to think, plan & strategize. Every move counts!
  • Entertainment: Hours fly by as you dive deep into these immersive worlds.
  • Creativity: These games are not just about winning, they are about creating, adapting & evolving.

Stay with us as we dive into the world of the best strategy games for iPhone that promise to keep you hooked!

The Core of Strategy Games

Ah, strategy games! They are not just about moving pieces on a board or tapping on your screen aimlessly.

  • Core Elements: At the heart of every strategy game lies a challenge. Its about making decisions, planning ahead and anticipating your opponent’s moves. It is like a mental chess match, but way cooler!
  • Luck, Skill & Strategy: Ever had that moment where you felt the universe was on your side? That’s luck! But relying solely on it won’t get you far. Its the blend of luck, your skill and a solid strategy that makes these games so darn addictive.
  • Brain Boost: Here’s a fun fact – strategy games are like a gym workout for your brain! They enhance cognitive functions & sharpen your decision making skills.

So, the next time someone says you are wasting time on a game, just tell them you are in the middle of a brain workout session!

Best strategy games for iPhone (iOS) List

Game TitleKey Features
Clash RoyaleReal-time battles, Card collection, Multiplayer
Clash of ClansBase building, Clan wars, Multiplayer
Rome: Total WarHistorical battles, Empire management, Tactical
Iron Marines: RTS offline gameReal-time strategy, Alien battles, Hero units
Plague Inc.Disease simulation, Strategy, World infection
Bloons TD 6Tower defense, Multiplayer, Customizable towers
Whiteout SurvivalSurvival mechanics, Base building, PvP
Call of DragonsDragon battles, Kingdom management, Multiplayer
RISK: Global DominationWorld domination, Turn-based, Multiplayer
Age of Origins:Tower DefenseTower defense, Enemy waves, Strategic placement
Age of ApesCivilization building, War tactics, Resource management
Idle Lumber Empire - Wood GameIdle gameplay, Woodcutting, Business management
EvonyEmpire building, Historical battles, Diplomacy

Clash Royale

Clash Royale : Best strategy games for iPhone (iOS)

Dive into epic real-time card battles with Clash Royale, a multiplayer game featuring your favorite Clash characters and so much more.

Gameplay: Clash Royale offers real time multiplayer battles where players collect and upgrade cards, featuring familiar Clash of Clans troops, spells & defenses.
The objective? Knock down the enemy King & Princesses from their towers in strategic and fast paced matches.

Unique Features:

  • Royales Galore: Apart from the Clash of Clans characters, the game introduces the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons & more.
  • Seasonal Events: Players can unlock new items like Tower Skins, Emotes & powerful Magic Items with the Season Pass. Plus, there are fun challenges that test your skills.
  • Global Tournaments: Battle your way to the top and compete against the best players worldwide.

Pros :

  • Diverse card collection with over 100+ cards.
  • Regular updates & seasonal events keep the gameplay fresh.
  • Engaging multiplayer mode with a global player base.

Cons :

  • Progress can feel slow without in-app purchases.
  • Requires a constant internet connection for gameplay.

Experience: The interface is user-friendly & the game mechanics are easy to grasp but offer depth for those looking for a challenge.

Price & In-app Purchases: Clash Royale is free to download & play. However, there are in-app purchases available which can enhance gameplay & speed up progression.

Final Verdict: Clash Royale stands out as one of the best strategy game for iPhone users. With its blend of card collection, real-time battles & strategic depth, its a must-play for strategy enthusiasts.

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Clash of Clans

Join millions in building villages, raising clans and diving into epic Clan Wars. Clash of Clans offers a blend of strategy, combat & town management.

Gameplay: At its core, Clash of Clans is about building your village, collecting resources & creating an army. Players engage in strategic battles, both in single player campaigns against the Goblin King and multiplayer clan wars.

Pros :

  • Engaging multiplayer mode with Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues.
  • A vast global community, ensuring varied gameplay and strategies.

Cons :

  • Progress can feel slow without in-app purchases.

Price & In-app Purchases: The game is free to download and play. However, there are in-app purchases available, which can help speed up progression or offer cosmetic upgrades.

Final Verdict: Clash of Clans remains a cornerstone in the mobile strategy game genre making it a must-have for any strategy enthusiast.

Rome: Total War

Experience the grandeur of the ancient world’s mightiest empire on your iOS device. Engage in real time battles and manage vast turn based campaigns in this classic strategy game.

Gameplay: The game’s main campaign spans from 270 BC to 14 AD, covering the rise of the Roman Republic & the early decades of the Roman Empire. Players manage the economy, government, diplomacy & military of their faction on a map.

Unique Features:

  • Historical Accuracy: The game offers a detailed portrayal of the Roman era, from its political intricacies to the grandeur of its battles.
  • 3D Battles: Witness thousands of troops clashing on your screen in visually stunning 3D battles.
  • Empire Management: Oversee your empire’s economic, civil & religious affairs from the Campaign Map.
  • Touch Controls: Designed specifically for iOS, the game provides an easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Pros :

  • Engaging blend of real time & turn based strategy.
  • Historically accurate portrayal of the Roman era.
  • Stunning graphics & battles.
  • Comprehensive empire management system.

Cons :

  • Requires a significant amount of storage space (4GB recommended minimum).
  • Not updated frequently.
  • Some users reported minor glitches.

User Experience: The game has been optimized for iOS, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. Players have praised its depth, historical accuracy & the thrill of commanding vast armies.

Price: The game is currently priced at $9.99.

Final Verdict: Rome: Total War is a must-have for strategy enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Its blend of realtime battles and empire management offers hours of engaging gameplay.

Iron Marines: RTS offline game

Dive into an extraordinary space odyssey with Iron Marines. From the masterminds behind the Kingdom Rush saga, this game offers realtime strategy battles on diverse and mysterious planets.

Gameplay: Iron Marines thrusts players into intense sci-fi battles against hordes of space monsters, insectoids & robotic armies.

Unique Features:

  • Dynamic Roles: Adapt your strategy mid-battle, changing troop roles as the situation demands.
  • Hero Recruitment: Train and lead the galaxy’s finest heroes, leveraging their unique powers and abilities.
  • Weapons Arsenal: From orbital strikes to intelligent mines and support troops, there is a weapon for every challenge.

Pros :

  • A rich experience of real-time strategy.
  • Diverse missions across three sci-fi planets.
  • Offline play ensures the action never stops, even without Wi-Fi.

Cons :

  • Some users might find the game’s difficulty curve a bit steep.

Price & In-app Purchases: The game is priced at $0.99. There are additional in-app purchases available, offering new heroes and special packs to enhance gameplay.

Final Verdict: Iron Marines is a stellar addition to the RTS genre on mobile. Its captivating graphics, challenging missions & dynamic gameplay make it a must-play for strategy game lovers.

Plague Inc.

Ever thought of ending the world with a deadly pathogen? Plague Inc. lets you do just that. This high strategy game, coupled with a terrifyingly realistic simulation, challenges you to infect the globe before humanity can defend itself.

Gameplay: You start by infecting ‘Patient Zero’. Your mission? Evolve a global Plague to bring about the end of human history. Adapt your strategy as humanity fights back & watch as countries fall to your deadly creation.

Unique Features:

  • Global Challenge: Infect over 50 countries, evolve your disease & adapt to global events.
  • Diverse Diseases: From bacteria to bio-weapons, choose how humanity meets its end.
  • Realistic Simulation: The game’s realism is so on-point that the CDC even invited the developer to discuss its disease models!

Pros :

  • Offline mode ensures uninterrupted play.
  • Recognized globally with over a billion games played.

Cons :

  • Some players might find certain disease types challenging to master.

Price & In-app Purchases: Priced at $0.99, the game offers additional in-app purchases. These range from unlocking different plagues to scenario packs, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Final Verdict: Plague Inc. offers a unique gaming experience, blending strategy with real world disease simulation. Its global recognition and the sheer number of games played testify to its appeal.

Bloons TD 6

Get ready to pop! Bloons TD 6 brings you a 3D tower defense game packed with vibrant animations, challenging gameplay & a plethora of monkey towers & heroes ready to burst those pesky Bloons.

Gameplay: Craft your defense using a mix of powerful Monkey Towers and dynamic heroes. With handcrafted maps, each game is a new challenge.

Unique Features:

  • 3D Graphics: Experience vibrant monkey animations, upgrade skins & intense visual effects.
  • Heroes & Paragons: Heroes with unique abilities & explore the power of Paragon upgrades.
  • Regular Updates: From new characters to Boss Events, the game is ever evolving.

Pros :

  • Regular content updates keep the game fresh.
  • Offline mode lets you play without an internet connection.
  • Community-driven with a content browser for challenges and odysseys.

Cons :

  • Some maps can be particularly challenging for beginners.

Price: The game is priced at $6.99 currently.

Final Verdict: Bloons TD 6 stands out in the crowded tower defense genre. If popping Bloons and strategizing defenses sounds like your kind of fun, this game is a no-brainer.

Whiteout Survival

Survive the glacial apocalypse in Whiteout Survival, a strategy game where you lead the last city amidst blizzards, beasts and bandits. Can you re-establish civilization in this icy wasteland?

Gameplay: The world’s plunged into a chilling catastrophe. As the leader of the last city, you are tasked with guiding survivors, battling the elements & ensuring humanity’s survival. Assign roles, gather resources & defend against threats in this strategic survival game.

Unique Features:

  • Specialized Roles: Assign survivors as hunters, cooks, woodcutters & more. Monitor their health and happiness.
  • Resource Management: Scavenge the icy fields for resources while fending off beasts and rival chiefs.
  • Alliance Building: Team up! Create or join alliances and dominate with collective strength.
  • Technological Advancement: Rediscover lost technologies and wield them to your advantage.

Pros :

  • Regular updates and new content additions.
  • Community-driven with challenges and events.

Cons :

  • Some gameplay elements might be challenging for beginners.

Price: The game is free to play.

Final Verdict: Whiteout Survival offers a unique blend of survival and strategy, set against a chilling backdrop. Its depth, regular updates & community-driven content make it a must-play for strategy enthusiasts.

Call of Dragons

A magical realm where dragons rule the skies & armies clash on the ground. Capture and train war pets, summon behemoths & lead your forces to victory in this epic strategy MMO.

Gameplay: Engage in largescale fantasy warfare with truly 3D terrain, allowing for strategic assaults, defenses & aerial raids. Command flying legions across varied landscapes and employ powerful combat skills to outwit your enemies.

Unique Features:

  • Capture War Pets: Subdue and deploy beasts to fight alongside your army.
  • Summon Behemoths: Team up with allies to conquer gigantic creatures and then use them in battles.
  • Purify War Pets: Transform beasts into allies and deploy them in battle.

Pros :

  • Rich 3D terrain for strategic gameplay.
  • Vast array of creatures and heroes to recruit.
  • Continuous updates and new content.

Cons :

  • Might be overwhelming for beginners due to its depth.
  • Requires a good amount of time investment to progress.

User Experience: The game offers a detailed and immersive experience, with a vibrant world to explore and a plethora of strategies to employ. While it might be a bit complex for newcomers, seasoned gamers will appreciate its depth.

Price & In-app Purchases: The game is free to download with in-app purchases available to enhance gameplay.

Final Verdict: Call of Dragons offers a rich strategy experience for those looking to dive deep into a fantasy world. With its vast landscapes, variety of creatures & strategic gameplay, its a must try for fans of the genre of strategy games.

RISK: Global Domination

RISK Global Domination - Best strategy games for iPhone (iOS)

Embark on a journey to conquer the world in RISK: Global Domination, the digital adaptation of the iconic strategy board game. From battling the Axis Powers in WWI to surviving undead zombie wars, this game offers a blend of history, fantasy & strategy.

Gameplay: Engage in strategic warfare on a global scale. The game offers both solo and multiplayer modes, ensuring varied challenges.

Unique Features:

  • Real-Time Battles: Engage in intense warfare and see the results instantly.
  • Classic & Custom Rules: Play by the traditional rules or customize your own.
  • Solo & Multiplayer Modes: Play against AI or challenge players worldwide.

Pros :

  • Authentic representation of the classic board game.
  • Diverse game modes catering to different playstyles.
  • Simple interface, making it accessible for both newbies and veterans.

Cons :

  • Some players might find the AI too challenging in higher difficulty settings.

Game Experience: RISK: Global Domination has been praised for its faithful adaptation of the classic board game. Players appreciate the variety of maps and the option to play in real-time.

Price: The game is free to download.

Final Verdict: RISK: Global Domination is a must-play for fans of the classic board game and strategy enthusiasts alike. Its blend of history, fantasy & strategy ensures hours of engaging gameplay.

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Age of Origins:Tower Defense

Age of Origins - Best strategy game for iPhone (iOS)

Step into a post apocalyptic world where zombies reign supreme and humanity’s last hope lies in strategic warfare. Age of Origins:Tower Defense challenges you to rebuild civilization, form alliances & fend off the undead menace.

Gameplay: In this zombie strategy MMO, players are tasked with rebuilding cities, rescuing refugees & forming massive armies to combat the zombie apocalypse.

Unique Features:

  • Epic Zombie Battles: Face off against mutant zombies, zombie bears & other deadly creatures.
  • Real Topography: Navigate a 3D map with lakes & mountains, where strategic movement can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Alliance Wars: Form alliances with players worldwide, engage in real-time battles & even vie for the position of President.

Pros :

  • Regular updates.
  • Strong emphasis on strategy and decision-making.

Cons :

  • Some players might find the in-app purchases a bit pricey.

Price: The game is free to download.

Final Verdict: Age of Origins:Tower Defense offers strategy, combat & MMO elements set in a post-apocalyptic world. For those who love strategy games with a twist & enjoy the challenge of rebuilding in the face of adversity, this game is a must-try.

Age of Apes

Post apocalyptic world where monkeys rule & the quest for bananas drives them to the stars. Join the race to be the first monkey to explore the galaxy in Age of Apes.

Gameplay: Engage in a free MMO strategy game where you manage your outpost, build an army & lead your Horde to victory.

Unique Features:

  • Explore a world filled with fascinating ruins.
  • Fight in massive PVP wars against other Hordes.
  • Watch an in-game TV channel that covers live game news, including your actions.

Pros :

  • In-game social tools for better cooperation and sharing.
  • Regular updates with new features, fighters & events.

Cons :

  • Some players feel the game leans towards a pay to win model.

Price: The game is free to download and play.

Final Verdict: Age of Apes offers a unique twist on the strategy genre, blending post-apocalyptic themes with monkey-driven narratives.

Idle Lumber Empire - Wood Game

Embark on a journey to build your own lumber empire in this captivating idle simulation game. From managing forests to expanding your factory, every decision counts in your quest to become a lumber tycoon.

Gameplay: This idle simulation game lets you manage a sawmill, expand your factory & work towards building a lumber empire. You will be tasked with managing forests, ensuring sustainable tree harvesting, training lumberjacks & overseeing the production line.

Unique Features:

  • Sustainable tree harvesting with tree planters.
  • Purchase & upgrade machines to process logs faster.
  • Maintain & upgrade vehicles for efficient log transportation.
  • Run marketing campaigns to attract new clients and maximize profits.

Pros :

  • Diverse gameplay elements from managing forests to overseeing production.
  • Engaging in-game social tools for better cooperation.

Cons :

  • Some players feel the game leans towards a pay to win model.

Price: The game is free to download and play.

Final Verdict: If you have ever dreamt of building a lumber empire from scratch, Idle Lumber Empire is worth a shot.


Dive into a world where you can build cities, train troops, solve puzzles & expand your empire. Evony: The King’s Return has realtime strategy & puzzle-solving, all set in a vibrant medieval world.

Gameplay: This real-time strategy MMO lets players build & customize their cities, train troops & engage in epic battles.

Unique Features:

  • Multiple Gameplays: From brain burning puzzles with over 1000 levels to challenging your IQ, there is always something to do.
  • Diverse Civilizations: Choose from 7 distinct civilizations including American, Chinese, European & more.
  • Diplomacy & War: Join alliances, communicate in real-time & wage wars.
  • Historic Generals: Recruit famous figures like Abraham Lincoln & Genghis Khan.

Pros :

  • Diverse gameplay elements, from puzzles to RTS.
  • Rich historical context with famous generals.

Cons :

  • Game favors a pay to win model.
  • New updates can sometimes make previously powerful setups feel less effective.

Price & In-app Purchases: The game is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available to enhance gameplay.

Final Verdict: Evony: The King’s Return is a blend of strategy and puzzles, set in a richly detailed medieval world. Just be mindful of the in-app purchases & find a balance that works for you.

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Tips for Mastering Strategy Games

So, you have dived into the world of strategy games on your iPhone & now you are looking to up your game? Well, you are in the right place!

Strategies to Optimize Gameplay & Enhance Your Winning Chances:

  • Plan Ahead: Always think a few moves in advance. This is not just chess, its a common mantra in all strategy games.
  • Learn from Others: Watch gameplay videos or join forums. The community can be a goldmine of strategies you have not thought of.
  • Adaptability is Key: No two games are the same. Be ready to change your strategy on the fly based on the game’s progression.
  • Resource Management: Whether it’s gold, troops or energy, manage your resources wisely. It can make or break your game.

Common Mistakes to Avoid & How to Adapt to Evolving Game Scenarios:

  • Avoid Tunnel Vision: Don’t get so focused on one strategy or area that you neglect other opportunities or threats.
  • Don’t Underestimate Your Opponent: Even if you are leading, always assume your opponent has a trick up their sleeve.
  • Stay Updated: Games evolve. New updates can bring changes that might affect your strategies.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: The more you play, the better you will get. Learn from each game, whether its a win or a loss.

Remember, the world of Strategy Games is vast & ever-changing. But with these tips, you are well on your way to becoming a master strategist!

FAQ's related to Strategy Games :

1. What is the best strategy game for iOS?

The best strategy game for iOS / iPhone varies based on personal preference but popular choices include Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Whiteout Survival & Plague Inc.

2. Do strategy games improve your brain?

Yes, strategy games can enhance cognitive functions, promoting better decision making, problem solving & memory skills.

3. Do strategy games require skill?

Absolutely! Strategy games demand a blend of planning, quick decision making & adaptability to succeed.

4. Which strategy games can be enjoyed offline without an internet connection?

Many strategy games on the iPhone offer offline modes. Games like Plague Inc., Rome: Total War, Iron Marines & Bloons TD 6 can be played without an active internet connection.

Last Words:

After exploring the vast & exciting world of strategy games on iOS, we have highlighted some of the best picks out there.

Each game offers its unique flavor of challenges, strategies & fun.
Now that you know the top strategy games for iPhone (iOS) which one will you try first?